The Ancient Lands: Rise of the Dragon Queen

Xonthal's Tower

After Lelia leaves the clearing, MICHAEL rejoins the party. He advises them that there is some cult activity at the Xonthal's Tower. He was able to confirm that not all of the cultists are wizards. Some of them are…. not. 

There is a concern about getting a room due to their previous encounter with the black dragon. Michael goes in to town and procures rooms for the party. 


they approach a village. P1: Does it have people? P2: is there a ymca? P3: any young men? P2: Is it a village chieftan, or is he now a scandanavian native? 


sneaking past the village, the druid tried to fly over it. after seeing the overgrowth from above, the druid entered the hedge with his party. after getting through to the sundial, the druid, noticing the wrong shadow being shed by the gnomon of the sundial. 



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