The Ancient Lands: Rise of the Dragon Queen


The Cult Strikes Back (Part 2)

Our heroes, having returned to Gamla stan (Stockholm) from their visit to the Ardennes forest, attempt to get in contact with King Melandrach, bringing news of the loss of the King's son.

Ken made arrangements to meet with Delaan Winterhound, and get the information he needed to finally hatch (and hopefully bond with) his dragon egg. Delaan agreed to met with him. Delaan provided Ken with the details, including some other details, prior to teleporting out. 

Meanwhile, the Cult of the Dragon has made plans to attempt to deal with  the troublesome heroes.  They called in Alduin, a black dragon, to cause chaos in the city. A heartbeat after Delaan teleported out, Alduin ripped the roof off of the Inn. Then he breathed his acid into the Inn, hovering overhead outside of melee range. Moments later several of Ken's friends charged up the stairs of the inn, trying to figure out what was going on. 

After a few dives the dragon saw the city militia starting to get organized, and flew off. 


michael went outside to climb to the roof and then there was roof and jumped to the ground.


michael, suffering from the dragon fear, started to run away


when michael started to return he saw some skulking figures moving quickly towards the inn

following behind he finds that they are vampires, and gets into a minor scuffle with one

the head vampire came in, charmed Ken with a spell saying 'the gnome betrayed you'. Ken, believing the vampire after being charmed, then charmed Laura using similar magic. Ken then turned to Tim and tried to convince him that the gnome had betrayed the party. 


Tim nuke the vampire and gnome helped

Laura did wussy attack on gnome while he resisted my spells

Vampire goes mist and gets away, while his lackeys did not. 




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